‘My mother’

So much rawness in there, thank you John

I’m glad you said that ‘yes’ though I’m sure it was hard and probably still is hard, and maybe always will be.

It’s something we nearly all go through, the death of a parent, or both parents. Perhaps that’s the way it should be, for isn’t it every parents worst fear, to bury a child?

Good to connect in here.

I don’t eat donuts 🍩 ☺️

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This is so good, I wanna read more! I lost my mom to cancer too. Terrible experience...

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G+ wasn't the first social media site I joined. It might not even have been the first one I joined where I wasn't mostly interacting with people I already knew well in physical life. But it was the first one where I sort of clicked. Haven't really found a replacement yet.

Favourite flavour of doughnut is probably a fresh-made one filled with proper lemon curd.

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