Oh... part of what I meant to say was that I do think that commenting on posts in places like this and the Threads feature (when it’s released) may very well be a boon to people willing to put in the time to build relationships in places like these. The return on investment as far as people subscribing and things like that is probably questionable, but you know how I am about getting to know people.

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Ok I love how this turned out!!!!! I do think Substack could replace the morning newspaper and the evening fiction. It has already replaced my morning newspaper, but I still haven’t take to reading fiction here at night, probably because of the reasons you mention. At night, I want to go deeper in one story, rather than bounce from story to story. But maybe there are ways Substack can facilitate that.

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"I love all of those things, but I’d like to be able to read full-length stories without waiting for the serialization process to end."

That has definitely been my experience. I make far less from Substack than Amazon, and I don't expect that to change, unfortunately. As with Facebook and Google, the network effect is just too strong. I think these situations were exactly why anti-trust laws were passed, but the Democrats have wedded themselves to Big Tech, so barring catastrophe, we're unlikely to see any movement on that in our lifetime.

Still, this was a great (and long!) read. Glad to see you tackling these things in such a thoughtful way.

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