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John, this was great. Are you planning to make this a regular thing?

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.. dunno what to make of you .. but cool to invest a bit more time lookin up yer backtrail.. will your Fictions reward or dull my morning edge Eh

so here’s the deal.. will screengrab this.. backtrack my footprint here with more screengrabbin.. like Huck & Jim in a cave, tidy up some matters that matter & report back.. cuz as a kinda newbie here .. still sorta buffaloed by ‘SubStacks articulated steering system .. it’s like operatin a windup catapult or front end loader to put a postage stamp on a letter home instead of my tongue if y’now what I’m sayin 🏴‍☠️🦎 .. fyi i don’t find Sherman structured the way you analyze it at all.. mebbe he’s been around some & many badass people.. & paints them in his own badass words.. it’s not like he scripted the anecdote.. he lived it..

ps.. i played the silver ball too.. wuz but a single table on campus & was accepted custom ya bump & tilt others off friendly like once they put a couple free plays on.. or step away mid play for a pal ya knew.. who’d play the same.. I liked his story.. but not the mean ass slap he took.. Will drop in on Sherman today.. I’m a newb here & from faraway - he knows that.. & this his turf.. me ? Just here to play - you got ‘next’ & i’m putting my 25c on his table after yours.. 🏴‍☠️🦎

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