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Time Lapse Sketch of Tony Todd

Macabre Monday

I wanted to do something different for is week’s Macabre Monday

So, I’ve done a sketch of one of my favorite horror actors: Tony Todd. The reference image I used is from the movie Candyman. You can see the reference image here:

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Here’s my completed drawing. I didn’t nail the likeness as much as I would have liked, but given the time constraints I had it’s not horrible. It’s not perfect either, but oh well…

Tony Todd is probably most famous (at least to members of my generation) for his role in Candy Man, but my favorite Todd role is Final Destination. In that movie he plays the role of a funeral home owner, but they drop several hints that he is much more than a mortician. That’s the thing that I enjoy most about his character in those movies. It’s the mysterious relationship he has with Death. I won’t say more than that for fear of spoiling a great movie experience for those who haven’t seen the films.

Do you have a favorite Tony Todd movie or role? If so, what is it?

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